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Importance of education and right to education without biases against social status, caste or gender.

Firstly, let’s discuss the importance of education for children. Education is a weapon to improve a child’s life, it teaches the ability to read and write in life. Above all, education is extremely important for employment and we all know that to make a decent living or for not murdering all the wishes, employment is the only thing. 
Education is the one thing that should be accessible to everyone without any discrimination.
We all have many fundamental rights and all the rights can only be accessible if you are well-educated. It is key to achieve all the other human rights.
Just like the word Education doesn’t have any gender, caste or social status, it should also not see any of these when it comes to educated anyone. 
Every child, women, men are entitled to quality education without any discrimination
which means free primary education, all the states must work towards providing free
secondary education to children from unprivileged families.
In this, the government should play a major part in providing the guarantee that education in their state is easily available, accessible, acceptable and adoptable without any biases against social status, caste, and gender. 
Conclusion: Education is a human right itself and an indispensable part of realizing other human rights. It plays a vital role in safeguarding children from exploitative labour, empowering women, protecting the environment, controlling the population, promoting democracy and human rights. 
Only practical education is not enough, a well-educated and active mind able to wander widely and it is one of the joys and rewards of human existence. 
At last, what we want to emphasize is that education without discrimination should be a joint
the effort of the schools, families, and communities.

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