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How poor families combat with poverty to provide education to their kids.

Education: This is where India is facing its basic challenge. And today in this blog you are going to read about how poor families are combating poverty in order to provide education to their kids. 
Poor families often lacked food, health care, decent jobs, proper houses and one of the most important things “education”. Unfortunately, educational outcomes are one of the key areas influenced by family income.

 Those children who are born in poor families, are less prepared or not all prepared for the school. In this case, the question arises how can a child born in a poor family get out of this style?
In India, there are many schools by the government providing free primary educations and not just only schools but their many NGOs who provide free education to children from poor families. But do you think primary education is enough for a child to grow? 
 We all have maids or household help in our home, they work hard day and night to earn money so that they can feed their kids and those who understand the value of education also work right, left and center to send their children in school. 
If we talk about facts then India is 4th among the top 10 nations with the highest number of out of children in primary level education. Not only this, despite having a national policy for free and compulsory primary education, but only 50% of children also have access to education. 
For the underprivileged people in India, with the education, providing their kids with one meal of the day is perceived as a luxury. And we all know how important proper nutrition for a kid to grow not just physically but mentally. 
Conclusion: India is a country with more than 1 billion people and only one-third of them can read. It is high time to take some action. As they said, “Padhega India tabhi to Badhega India”.

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