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How an individual or community can support poor kids including through NGOs

Our nation is getting advance economically through building infrastructure and
industrialization, achieving socio-economic development. Now, what NGO can do is, they can play a key role in filling gaps in the several socio-economic development schemes by the Government.
Yes, NGOs can ensure that children from the poorest of the poor family in India get the education and all the other basic necessities. NGOs can contribute a lot in different ways to ensure that India sees poverty eradication, sustainable growth, and empowerment of downtrodden. 
We all understand that India is a vast country by both demographically and geographically. It is difficult for the government to bring all the children into the fold of education lonely. And that is where we required NGOs, as we mentioned earlier also, to fill the gaps in several socio-economic development schemes by the government.
Let’s discuss some facts. Even today, the retention rate in schools is still low, a large number of children drop out even before the class 8th. And if we talk about the status of a girl child that is even worse. 
And in such a scenario, a community, NGO or even an individual for that matter can put some efforts to ensure that the benefits of education reach the lowest strata of the society. 
You can take the example of Siddham Sansthan which is working at the sheer grass root levels to extend education to unprivileged children in Udaipur. The best thing about this NGO is they are working hard by connecting with the masses, spreading awareness on the importance of getting good education opportunities so that more and more children can go to schools and remain there.
Conclusion: Communities and NGOs can play an important role in spreading education to different corners and nooks of our country. What the government cannot do, can be done by NGOs in order to fill the gaps left by government or to ensure that no child is left behind when it comes to getting an education.

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