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Actor Siddharth Soni is all set to enter Bollywood

How a dreamy real-life story of “Siddharth Soni” secured the award in reel life.

“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without the work,” said Emile Zola and that work transformed the life of Siddharth Soni. He is the smart, skilled, and the brilliant social worker from Udaipur. He first took his baby steps into the film industry by his own talent and hard work. He truly believes in hard work and enthusiasm.

He has been handling social work since 2016. Up to now, he changed the lives of around more than 200 people and students and he always stands for human rights.

“The happiest people I know those who lose themselves in the service of others” quote by Gordon B. Hinckley and I know that person who loses himself for the lives of others i.e. Siddharth Soni. One day he went to hang out in the rainy season and saw many poor children without footwear and with torn clothes then he suddenly thought to help them from that day he started social work. He also manages his acting classes with social work.

Being an actor is his childhood passion and from the beginning, he wants to be a celebrity. Yet he has not a background of acting but his passion for acting mold him into an actor. He likes to play an emotional role and perform it from all his heart.

Firstly he was started to shot for a short film and with the time he is updating himself into his best version. We often believe that actors are born with a silver spoon. Nevertheless, many actors have a terrible past and struggling life, Siddharth Soni also has a struggling life. He is struggling a lot with the best roles in movies. He already decided not to give up until he gets the lead role.

He is contributing 4 hours per day for social work and the rest of the time he is expending for acting, fitness and for family. When Siddharth shot for short film first time he was boosted up and here’s his reel life was started. After his short film, he smashed out his rest zone and work hard for the film industry. He is hastily shifting to Mumbai and soon he is on the big screen. He is all set to work for an upcoming film.

We wish for Siddharth Soni to secure the best actor award and for his biggest success in the film industry. We are eagerly waiting to see him on the big screen.

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