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Great futures are built with a small charity, let’s go!

Brimming with energy,young and dynamic siddharth soni is well known for his philanthrophy and acting talent .
Impelled by his firm belief that the happiest people are those who lose them in the service of others. He entered the field of social service. The story of his generosity began one day,when he saw some rural school children shivering in winter without woollen clothes and footwear.
Siddharth and his friends collected money and helped children by providing sweaters,shoes,stationary etc. Soon N.G.O named SIDDHAM SANSTHAN was formed. During their visits to rural schools the team tries to solve other different problems also like quality of mid-day meal, water and electricity supply and building.
Parents are encouraged to send their children to school regularly. Private schools are enthused to donate old uniforms, clothes,books,bags etc. to be used by poor children.
Free medical camps are also organized. The active team including Narendra singh naruka, bharat borna, karishma soni, abhijeet singh, gourav verma, misba kadri, harshwardhan singh, aditya trigunayat sharma,pradhuman, gajendra singh and others give monthly donations.
Crowdfunding is also being used to collect more money.

Siddham sansthan has also been playing an active role in the first against corona. A huge number of fresh food packets and raw materials packets were distributed among the needy. For his cooperation with the police in several other ways,siddharth has been honoured by several agencies.
Son of renowned painter OM PRAKASH SONI BIJOLIYA, siddharth soni has chosen a different field to excel in. Being an actor is his childhood passion. He has already made a beginning with a short film. He is struggling hard and decided not to give up until he gets a lead role .
He devotes four hours every day for social work and the remaining time for acting, fitness and family.
No doubt with his zeal ,commitment and determination, Actor Siddharth Soni is sure to reach the top in a short time.

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  1. मयुर शर्मा

    आपके द्वारा किये गए कार्य बहुत ही सराहनीय है , भगवान मातारानी आपके भंडार भरे , आपको कार्य करने की शक्ति प्रदान करें , जय हिंद , 🙏🙏

  2. गजेंद्र सिंह

    सिद्धम संस्थान का ज़मीनी स्तर का काम अत्यंत सराहनीय है।
    सिद्धम – एक नई सोच।
    मैंने स्वयं सिद्घम का कार्य देखा है , खुशियों के रंग भरता युवा जोश 💓

  3. Pankaj joshi

    Helping hands are better than prying lips.

  4. Mandeep chauhan

    Great initiative and always be ready to help people …..

  5. Mandeep chauhan

    Great initiative and always be ready to help other people’s…..

  6. Misba kadri

    Great work bhaiya….keep it up..

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