Importance of education and right to education without biases against social status, caste or gender.

Firstly, let’s discuss the importance of education for children. Education is a weapon to improve a child’s life, it teaches the ability to read and write in life. Above all, education is extremely important for employment and we all know that to make a decent living or for not murdering all the wishes, employment is […]

How poor families combat with poverty to provide education to their kids.

Education: This is where India is facing its basic challenge. And today in this blog you are going to read about how poor families are combating poverty in order to provide education to their kids. Poor families often lacked food, health care, decent jobs, proper houses and one of the most important things “education”. Unfortunately, educational […]

How an individual or community can support poor kids including through NGOs

Our nation is getting advance economically through building infrastructure and industrialization, achieving socio-economic development. Now, what NGO can do is, they can play a key role in filling gaps in the several socio-economic development schemes by the Government. Yes, NGOs can ensure that children from the poorest of the poor family in India get the […]