Siddharth Soni a social worker and a founder of Siddham Sansthan. He was born to an
affluent Hindu Family on the 18th of July 1992 in Udaipur Rajasthan
Siddharth Soni is trying to give every single thing to the change by spreading awareness and
for getting the humanity back. 
 At a very young age, he realized his passion for the humanity and then there was no looking
“One day me and my friends went to some village where we saw a group of kids from the
underprivileged families, we were devastated after watching their condition. There were no
proper clothes on their body, no proper health and we understood why this is happening to
them. Because they were not provided with the proper education. And that’s when we took
the pledge that we will put our heart, blood, and soul and will not let any poor kid to live
without even a shoe”
The very first school Siddharth Soni started this beautiful journey is from a primary school in
Dhikli Udaipur. And it’s been 3 years there is no looking back.