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I joined the TurboTax design team as a product designer and researcher to create the strategy and foundation for Care (Customer Service Agent Tools). The challenge was two fold -- 1) It was the first time design was introduced into Agent tools problem space; that meant tremendous opportunity, but also complex stakeholder navigation and getting buy in for design. 2) The agent and customer facing experiences were disconnected.

TurboTax Care

To understand who we were solving for, I travelled to 4 different agent partner sites to do contextual inquiries. I used those learnings to inform a journey map with the purpose of identifying E2E opportunity areas and create agent personas. I created design principles to align the stakeholders to solve the right problems, created 1 & 3 year plan and vision for a sustained strategy, designed incremental experiences, and created a voice for design among the stakeholders. My strategy and foundation work helped to inform and create the fastest growing product at Intuit Inc. - TurboTax Live.

TurboTax Live

From January '17 to March '18 I worked on the service - TurboTax Live. Some of the experiences I've helped ship are TurboTax Live On-boarding, Customer and Async Messaging, Tax Extensions, Client List Notifications (agent facing), In-product Up-sells and Expert Review experiences. Here is quick peak into some experiences that I can share:

TurboTax Help System

Since March '18, I've been leading E2E Help System experiences at TurboTax and influencing the Help across Intuit - TurboTax, QuickBooks and ProConnect. Currently, I'm working on the Conversational AI Help experience, standardizing Help system across Intuit and redesigning the Contact Us experience.

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