Hiya! I am Sid

I study users and strive to make products easier, more efficient & enjoyable for them to use

Thanks for stopping by! I am a University of Michigan, Ann Arbor alumni with a masters in Human-Computer Interaction. I am passionate about user experience and I enjoy creatively solving problems and designing usable products that bring meaningful experiences into people's lives.

My background is in computer science, acting and design that helps me to look at problems in a systematic, empathetic and behavioral science way. I like inspiring people around me and solving complex problems.

When I am not nerding on problems, I enjoy making music, doing photography, cooking spicy Indian food, playing tennis and dancing.

Currently, I am working at Intuit Inc. as a Product Designer and helping to drive the experience for TurboTax Live.

You can learn more about my background and future aspirations at "Faces of UMSI."

My background in Computer Science enables me to understand technical feasibility and collaborate with dev teams
Deep Empathy
Empathy helps me to understand customers and build positive relationships with my co-workers
Celebrating Learning
My experiences with traveling, dancing, acting, yoga and modeling allows me to look at problems from diverse perspectives


"Siddharth is the best person I have ever worked with on a project of any kind. During our time working on You Never Know, he has consistently displayed design skills that should be desired by any company or startup seeking a supremely creative designer. I cannot count the number of times that he would make a small tweak to the design which would magically make our application look 10 times better; he simply sees things that others do not. Along with this creativity coupled with strong work ethic, perhaps his greatest skill is his ability to work with others. I have never been able to communicate so effortlessly with any team member before. He always puts the team first, and more importantly, he is ALWAYS a great guy to be around who will bring energy and enthusiasm to any team."

Brendan Driscoll, Software Engineer at Athena Health

“Sid is a great work partner, charming and warm, always in good spirits. He takes pains to make everyone feel welcome, and is never afraid to try to bridge a cultural divide when he sees one. ”

Nick Reid, Software Development Engineer at Grameen Foundation

“Siddharth has consistently provided help to fellow information professionals including current students at school of information and incoming students. He has acted as a mentor to incoming students and answered their queries while they are taking the important decision to join this profession. I believe he is always very empathetic with other people around him, which is reflected in his actions. He is definitely a very hard working and industrious person – he has been a part of numerous activities outside of UMSI, the least of which is dedicatedly working for his start-up and learning from networking with other entrepreneurs in Ann Arbor. He has many qualities of a good leader – during a cognate course in EECS department he inspired a team of undergrads to follow interaction design methodologies and advocated the importance of conducting user research and testing. Finally he is very amiable and definitely has a great sense of humor.”

Jashanjit Kaur, UX Designer at Bloomberg

“Sid has been a champion of information professions, both within the university and outside, as was evidenced in him participating in the NY Trek and orientation for incoming students in 2014. He shared his own experiences and pointed out the mistakes he made so the incoming students wouldn't repeat them. This I believe shows his empathy for his junior classmen; which also inspired confidence and trust for me. In addition to taking on a full load of classes, he is working on a tech startup called 'You Never Know' on the side, which speaks of his industrious and entrepreneurial spirit. He has a good sense of humor and doesn't take himself too seriously, as can be seen in his youtube videos. Finally, he is keenly aware of his responsibility for upholding the reputation of UMSI and ensures that the goodwill for the school increases after one's interaction with him.”

Michael Ngyuen, Graduate Student at the University of Michigan School of Information

“Siddharth is always supportive and ready to help others, during my studies he has given me lots of encouragement and guidance, it is so great to have a friend like him. Siddharth is active in student affairs, he volunteers in many activities and student events to help new students involve in UMSI community quickly. He is in good terms of every SI student and is the one you can always rely on.”

Jing Han, UX Designer at FINRA